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We make it easy for patients to take
the right medication at the right time.

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And that means better results for everyone.















Pre-Organized Medication

Our device used the common multi-dose pouch packaging, where pharmacists pre-organize medication for each patient.


Automatic Scheduling

When your medication is put inside your device, it reads the information on the packaging and schedules for you.


Caregiver Monitoring

You can choose to automatically notify a family member or caregiver if you accidentally miss a dose.

Better Data… Better Health

Improved Medication Adherence
Real-Time Monitoring & Data Collection
Optimal Health Outcomes

Automated, Accurate Data Collection for Clinical Trials

Our medication delivery system provides automatic medication organization, scheduling, monitoring and documentation to improve adherence rates in clinical trials.



Documented Adherence


Real-Time Patient Reported Outcomes


Identify Non-Compliant Patients



Meet the Team

Spencer Waugh

Spencer Waugh


With a background in the pharma, healthcare tech, and investment industries,  Spencer is the well-rounded leader of AceAge.

Sam Campbell

Sam Campbell


Having spent 6 years moving large amounts of patient data around for clinical research, Sam ensures our devices capture data safely and securely.

Pascal Tyrrell

Pascal Tyrrell


A research methodologist, computer/database solutions architect, and innovator with a PhD in medical sciences who is the principal investigator validating our hardware.

Dylan Horvath

Dylan Horvath

Cortex-Design President

Managing the Cortex-Design team, Dylan focuses on the human experience as they design manufacturable products.


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